How to write really poor Sales Emails – 10 tips

I keep receiving this email and I keep laughing.

This email below is a clear example of a poor sales email. Very poor.

1. Too long
2. Irrelevant facts
3. Poor email signature (no details)
4. Random CAPITALISATION of words
5. Non-consistent formatting (some paragraphs start with space indents, others dont)
6. Sending from a Gmail address
7. Not knowing the audience. Email sent to UK, but uses American spellings
8. Not a single mention of any past work or credentials link
9. No website link of company
10. Horrible start to the email (“Greeting for the day”) – which is also incorrect english and not personalised

And its clear this email has come from India – but the guy has tried to use a western name to get more traction. But why did he pick: Guillermo Sagrera


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